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NHFGN LOGO 2022.png
NHFGN LOGO 2022.png


NHFGN is an international peacebuilding NGO using arts, sports, and cultural activism to promote the coexistence of the human race.

Our Arts For Peace approach to conflict resolution is used to effect positive change in communities around the world and is one of five NHF-GN vehicles for peacebuilding with sports, gender, advocacy, dialogue, women's leadership, economic empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Services, and community building alongside.

Whilst NHF-GN started as an organization focused solely on child rights advocacy, using sports, it has since added art to its collection. So why the inclusion of art? NHF-GN recognizes that, just like sports, the arts have the ability to bring people together through safe and creative means in order to promote positive behavioral change and ultimately foster peace and conflict resolution.


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